Introduction (Prices below the break):

Hello! I am a freelancer artist, who specializes in erotic and safe-for-work rated art involving anthropomorphic characters, but I have experience in drawing from life as well. I offer everything from sketches to realistic paintings with a wide variety of styles.
I believe that customer satisfaction is the best advertisement one can hope to strive for.
Drawing helps me put food on the table and pay my bills.
I also have a Fanbox if you'd like to support my art and receive more original content created by me and gain some rewards:
I am also very open about any subject material.
E-mail address: blackgoatboi (at)


Prices: Hello,

and thanks for the interest you have taken in my work!
I will draw almost any fetish and character, feel free to ask.
You will get a large resolution, lossless image without watermarks (usually I start sketching on around 4000 x 4000 pixels, but it can vary depending on the image, it’s only a rough guideline), and the PSD file too if you prefer.
Here are my PRICES / 1 CHARACTER in USD (mostly NSFW examples, viewer discretion is advised), preferred payment is through PayPal:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me about it!

Price Tiers:

Slave Stream! (30 USD/hour)

I'll draw whatever you want, as long as you want, in the detail level you want on live stream, following your real time orders, for a flat rate of 30 USD / hour ! Stream can be public or kept private. Examples:

Sketch / Speeddraw (30 USD/character)

Line Art (40 USD/character)

Standard Shading (60 USD/character)

Speed Paint (60 USD/character)

Full Detail (90 USD/character)

Animations (Individually priced)

The price of animations are based on the complexity of the scene. Please message me about particulars if you are interested.